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Gluten-Free Pizza: A Healthy Alternative

Going Gluten-Free

As the health benefits of eliminating gluten are becoming better known, gluten-free diets have soared in popularity. Celiac disease, caused by sensitivity to gluten, is so difficult to diagnose that only an estimated 5% of people know they have it. This figure is astonishing because according to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, 1 in 133 (or about three million) Americans are suffering from the disease. Excluding gluten from your diet can reduce many common ailments, from gastrointestinal problems and skin rashes to tiredness and depression. Gluten is found in grains such as rye, barley, and wheat, so many bread products will have to be substituted in order to go completely gluten-free.

Many people would love to experience the health benefits of a gluten-free diet but are wary of giving up their favorite foods. Because pizza is often bought at fast food restaurants, most people assume that there are no gluten-free options available. Gluten-free pizza has actually become very prevalent in supermarkets over the last few years. Gluten-free pizza crusts are just as delicious as regular crusts, but are usually made with different kinds of non-wheat flour, such as tapioca, rice, chickpea, or sorghum. There are many recipes online for gluten-free crusts, so if you enjoy cooking it would be very easy to make your own gluten-free pizza.

Generally, going gluten-free helps to eliminate many unhealthy foods from your diet because gluten is found in most fried, fatty, and pre-packaged foods. Gluten-free pizza is a healthy alternative to regular pizza because the crust is made from grains that are much easier for the body to digest. Continue reading

Free Pizza

We love eating pizza, but many of us do not realize we can get free pizza coupons online. A number of popular pizza restaurants feature online clubs. Membership in these clubs is easy and free. Supplying a valid email address is typically the only requirement. Some pizza restaurant club membership applications may require physical addresses or zip codes.

The purpose of submitting a zip code is so that the member can view an online list of pizza eateries located close to the person’s residence. Membership in one of these online restaurant clubs, sometimes referred to as eclubs, entitles a member to various types of special offers and discounts, and getting a free pizza is one of the possible options.

When a person decides to join an online club for the purpose of obtaining a free pizza, the first step is to visit the pizza restaurant’s official website. Clubs are sponsored by the actual restaurants. Sometimes, a pizza restaurant offers a member the chance to get a free pizza on his or her birthday, so it is advisable to join one of these clubs.

In fact, a person can join several restaurant eclubs and receive different coupons or offers from favorite restaurants throughout the year. Every person can take advantage of joining a pizza restaurant club in order to obtain a free pizza. Even if the restaurant is not currently offering the option for a free pizza, the member can still take advantage of receiving a substantial discount on a cheese, pepperoni or veggie pizza. Continue reading

Coupons powered by Coupons.com

Coupons powered by Coupons.com